marzo 17, 2017


Aware of the current socio-economic and environmental reality that tends towards individualism and competition, we seek to join forces around cooperation, sustainability, and resistance through creativity.

We use an affordable and easily replicable production process as an introduction to the application of efficient technologies to face basic needs autonomously and sustainably.

The transversal axis of our project is based on the rhizomatic philosophy, which proposes an epistemological model, that is a way of knowing reality, not as a pyramidal or hierarchical structure but as a rhizome formed by nodes that relate to each other in an autonomous and interdependent way. Each of them influences and contributes to the whole regardless of their place in the system.

Inspired by this idea, we seek to foster the creation of a network among workshops, communities, experts, individuals and organizations interested in sharing information, knowledge, resources, ideas and technologies around the construction of human propulsion machinery and the use of bamboo as a raw material. A network that generates symbiotic, kind and just relationships in which mutual support is practiced for the sake of the common good.